We take the anxiety out of technology by innovating the way people learn.

Over the past three years we have equipped thousands of South African employees with new skills using our immersive learning platforms so they can understand technology and use it to identify, solve and harness problems and opportunities today and into the future.

Robotics Team Building

See learning in action

Watch this video showing one of our corporate team-building immersions and see how engaged and excited people get when they collaborate and learn with robotics.

Our immersive platform can be customised for any business regardless of whether you want to impart or extract information from the people in your workplace.

You simply focus on what you need to teach your people and we focus on how you do it in the new world, ensuring your communication is memorable, understandable and effective.

Your company can use our robotics immersion.

We have helped the following companies, their people and clients:

How our customers use our team building platform in unique ways:

MMH introduce and entrench a new set of shared values into the leadership of their subsidiaries Momentum, Metropolitan, Guard Risk and Multiply.

TBWA ignite personal mastery and build trust across their subsidiaries Hunt Lascaris, Magna Carta, Grid Worldwide and Openco.

Nordex Acciona extracted feedback from teams in a fun way in order to improve communication and efficiency, driving customer centricity.

Henley business School guided graduates from MNET and Accenture through a hackathon process to rethink business models.

Let us design an immersion for your team.

Augmented Reality

See AR in action

Augmented Reality Copy

Talk to us about using Augmented Reality...

We have created augmented reality solutions for companies like:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

See how AR is helping our clients engage with their customers:

Nedbank engaged their staff around South Africa to expose ten internal startup business within the organisation using augmented reality. People used AR to explore and “collect” each startup in exchange for a gift and Nedbank could measure the effectiveness.

Hewlett Packard used augmented reality to launch their new Primera Data Centre Controller into the South African market. Resellers and partners could explore the products in extreme detail and learn about the features and benefits in order to educate and assist them.

Understand the potential of augmented reality

Special Projects

Special Projects

Augmented Reality Copy

Share your big idea with us to make it a reality.

Organisations we have worked with on unique custom projects include:


Take a look at some of the special solutions we have created:

A computer-brain interface game developed for Tencent Holdings.

A customer service robot solution for the Gauteng Government.

An RFID connected Jenga game developed for Innovation Edge.

A robot master of ceremony for Vodacom’s digital strategy launch.

A robotics football penalty shoot-out  game for a Nedbank Staff Exhibition.

An Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt for Facebook Africa.

An exhibition of creative artworks created using technology for ABSA.

An obsessive compulsive co-working robot developed for WPP.

A fibre-optics hyper-personalisation activation created for Consol Glass.

Let us help you unleash your technology ideas.