Engage. Educate. Transform.

Let’s help your employees to feel part of an exciting journey into the future!

Augmented Reality, Robotics, artificial intelligence and drones are changing the way we work. To some, this is terrifying. To others, it creates great opportunity.

Mojo Dojo offers:

  • High-tech, high-energy team-building activities that teach technology.
  • Learning activations that help employees understand new technologies that are changing everyday life.

Our four core products:

  • Augmented-reality treasure hunts that make people feel comfortable with AR and VR technology.
  • Robot team-building experiences that teach teamwork and basic computer programming.
  • Facial recognition activations that wow audiences with how far technology has come and how it can be used in customer relations.
  • Mind-control challenges that demonstrate the power of the collective and how team work can solve any problem.

To see how other teams have responded to our energising approach, watch the video below.

Leaders learning and transforming while immersed in our robotic team-building experience.

Keen to learn more?

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